IAQ Services

LEED™ 3.2 Indoor Air Quality Testing Prior to Occupancy

Environmental Quality Experts specializes in LEED™ EQ3.2 testing and reporting.  We have the tools necessary to conduct and assess the quality of your air to LEED™ standards.  Allowing you to understand and evaluate your air quality, in easy to digest reports, structured for LEED™ project submission.

Our experience has helped to assure the air quality of facilities such as, the Bellevue Medical Center, TD Ameritrade Ballpark, the Kansas State Biodiversity Campus, and many others.

Baseline IAQ Testing

Environmental Quality Experts provides testing services and is a leading resource, in air quality.

EQE helps you to set an indoor air quality baseline, with baseline testing, you are confident in knowing the air quality levels of your facility. At EQE, we conduct baseline IAQ testing using testing protocols consistent with EPA Compendium of Methods for the determination of Air Pollutants in the Indoor Air.

You can rely on EQE for proactive as well as reactive testing to assure your air quality is in compliance.